One thing’s for sure, ever since the DSLR revolution, camera manufacturers have given up on camera ergonomics. But there are companies that are happy to accept money for solutions to make those awkward boxes into something that sort of makes sense for shooting a movie. Vincent Laforet looks at some new accessories from Redrock Micro.

I have been using Redrock Micro accessories since I first got in to filmmaking with the Canon 5D mkII.  They were one of the first companies out there offering support solutions for HDSLR filmmaking, which we all found out became essential due to the, shall we say “less than ideal” ergonomics of the HDSLR cameras.  

I’ve since started using a variety of digital cinema cameras on my productions – as have many filmmakers who started out with HDDSLR.  While these cameras offer the functionality of a camera meant for shooting video as well as a price point that has only recently become attainable for most lower budget productions, these cameras often still lack in the ergonomics department.  That is to say that while many of these cameras have the proper internals for video, theirexternal designs are still simply not conducive for building out a cinema rig with the proper support.  So it’s nice to see that Redrock has continued to expand their line of support solutions to include these digital cinema cameras that are also in need of modified ergonomics.  These also happen to be some of the sleekest, most refined cage systems out there, both in build quality and also in the way they are thought through with things such as built in power management and the ability to attach a variety of accessories.

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Check out their cages and other accessories at Redrock Micro Store.

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