Shane Hurlbut reveals the tests he put the 4k Canon DSLR through including tests for ISO, low light performance, moire, and lattitude.

Putting the 1DC Thru the Paces:

Once we finally got the Canon 1DC 4K DSLR camera, there was a very limited time for us to do our tests, view them and then start shooting. So if our tests feel a little incomplete or rushed, they were. After we saw the last test on a 4K projector at Light Iron Digital, we started shooting the next evening. The timeline was tight. However, I think the film is a perfect example of how powerful this 3.25 lb DSLR can be.

ISO Tests:

I wanted to make sure that the camera did not have native ISO’s like the Canon 5D did. We ran the same type of tests with a lens cap on to see the noise level at each ISO setting as we had done with the 5D. I have stretched the source material to show the noise and color treated it so you can see the volume. I want to thank the Post team at Bandito Brothers for putting this amazing noise comparison together. Lance, Jacob and Mike – you all rock. This really shows the difference.

The noise level that we dealt with on night exterior scenes in Act of Valor around 1600 seemed like the same noise level as 5000 ISO on the 1DC. I knew I could deal with that noise level in post.

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