Lenses get dusty and dirty – here’s how to clean them for spec free photography.

Cleaning your photographic equipment is essential, especially when it comes to lenses. In this photography tutorial we’ll show you in just four simple steps how to clean a camera lens so you can enjoy blemish-free photos.

A lens is the one piece of gear that can cost you more than your camera, so it’s worth keeping it well-maintained so that it continues to create fine images for a lifetime. Learning how to clean a camera lens properly will ensure that you get the best optical quality, and help to avoid spots and smears on your images.

You’ll need a blower brush, a microfibre cloth and some lens-cleaning fluid, all of which you can buy from camera shops. While the exposed glass elements are the most important parts of the lens when it comes to optical quality,?it’s also worth giving the casing a good clean.

Some lenses are weather-sealed, but avoid using your cloth dampened with water. If there’s dirt that’s hard to remove, be careful if you’re using liquid-based cleaners, as the electronics inside your lens are extremely sensitive.

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