The GoPro Macro – Fitting a GoPro with a Varifocal Lens

Last week we posted some video tutorials on how to replace your GoPro lens with a third party lens. I ordered a 2.4-12mm varifocal zoom lens from RageCam thinking I could get a little variety with a the zoom capabilities.

But to my surprise, the varifocal zoom would actually be the most powerful macro lens I’ve ever used.

Here’s a video of the lens replacement and some sample video from the GoPro with the Ragecam Lens.

This is about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) from the subject

This flower is the size of your thumbnail. The dirtiness of the bokeh was because the sensor was dirty.


A few questions popped up on YouTube regarding fitting into the housing. That was accomplished by taking a Dremel to the housing and opening up the front and side panels to allow access to the lens housing and the card slot on the side.

Further research has revealed that the GoPro uses an M12 lens size so you could conceivably use any M12 Lens on the market (these are common in security cameras)