It’s not too far from robots scanning YouTube channels for copyright protected content to mass killing of all humans.

Episode 57

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Evidence of the Impending Robot Apocalypse

The Robot that can’t be defeated at Rock Paper Scissors.

Top 7 Articles of the Week

7. Internet Scam Alert: Most “Kickstarter” Projects Just Useless Crap

Internet criminals are using a website called “Kickstarter” to bilk friends and families out of money for terrible, ill-conceived, and unnecessary “personal projects.”

6. Replace the Camera Lens on Your GoPro with a Third Party Lens

Here are two tutorials: One installing a Sunex Lens and the other from Ragecams:

5. How to Create Technical Sci-Fi Interfaces

You’ve seen them – rotating progress bars, moving graphs and dancing gauges. They probably don’t mean anything but they look cool.

4. Nora Ephron: You Know Nothing About Screenwriting Until You Get Into Filmmaking

Nora Ephron reflects on her career in this interview for Authors Magazine from December, 2010.

3. What’s in a DP’s Traveling Case?

Trey Chance gives a quick tour of his camera and grip package he carries when he’s traveling for work on a small to medium sized production.

2. The Ultimate Aaron Sorkin-ism Super Cut

Kevin Porter assembled a detailed supercut of recycled lines from Aaron Sorkin’s projects from Malice, A Few Good Men, Bulworth, Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60, Charlie Wilson’s War, and the The Social Network

1. Martin Scorsese Gives up on Film – Shoots Digital

So long film and thanks for all the fish.

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Android Humanoid Talking Robot

You Talkin' to Me?

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