Everything you upload to Facebook gets moderated at by a human being often in a low paying third-world-country. But it’s not all dirty pictures. The turnover rate for the position is very high as the moderators are exposed to a “Sewer Pipe” of depravity.. So much so, a disgruntled former employee sought revenge by releasing internal documents laying out exactly what is and isn’t allowed on the popular social network.

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Abuse Standards 6.2 – Operation Manual

When it comes to sex and nudity, Facebook is strictly PG-13, according to the guidelines. Obvious sexual activity, even clothed, is deleted, as are “naked ‘private parts’ including female nipple bulges and naked butt cracks.” But “male nipples are OK.” Foreplay is allowed, “even for same sex (man-man/woman-woman)” Even the gays can grope each other on Facebook.

Facebook is more lenient when it comes to violence. Gory pictures are allowed, as long somebody’s guts aren’t spilling out. “Crushed heads, limbs etc are OK as long as no insides are showing,” reads one guideline. “Deep flesh wounds are ok to show; excessive blood is ok to show.”

Drugs are a mixed bag. Pictures of marijuana are explicitly allowed, though images of other illegal drugs “not in the context of medical, academic or scientific study” are deleted. As long as it doesn’t appear you’re a dealer, you can post as many pictures of your stash as you want.

Under “hate content,” the guidelines specifically ban “Versus photos… photos comparing two people side by side,” which is ironic considering Mark Zuckerberg’s first hit, FaceSmash, ranked the attractiveness of female Harvard students.

Some types of content are judged highly on context. For example, school fight videos are deleted only if “the video has been posted to continue tormenting the person targeted in the video.” Hate speech is allowed in the case of a joke, and animal abuse videos can stay only if it’s clear the user doesn’t approve of it.

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