Has Apple given up on Hollywood? With rumors of them abandoning their tower cases and companies like RED, Adobe and Blackmagic walking away it sure seems so.

Liquid Cooled HP RED Z820 workstation starting at $10,000

Liquid Cooled HP RED Z820 workstation starting at $10,000

After another NAB passed by without the announcement of new professional grade from hardware, as well as controlled leaks from Apple – that they aren’t going to release future tower cases, even the biggest fans are deciding the time has come to throw away that bitten apple into the recycle bin.

Adobe and Blackmagic are just some of the names that replaced screenshots in their manuals from a OSX to a Windows 7 one, as well as shifted their recommended systems from one platform to another. RED Digital Cinema was one of companies that was vendor agnostic, but even the creators of 4K and 5K cameras cannot keep their users in the dark anymore.

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