John Hess wraps up the first year’s series of podcasts by looking a the disconnect between the big picture and the small details.

Episode 52

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Show Notes

Top Articles of the Week

7. World’s First Compact Shoulder Mount 8K Camera

Make up artists around the world just grunted angrily. The techies in Japan just pushed the boundaries of Ultra-High Definition with this demonstration of a compact 8K (7680×4320) camera that can actually utilize still camera glass.

6. How to Shoot a Solar Eclipse (without Blinding Yourself)

On May 20, 2012, the moon near it’s apogee (farthest point in its orbit) crossed path with the sun causing a relatively rare “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse. Now I was not on the appropriate spot to view a “Ring of Fire” but I was able to snap a timelapse of a significant chunk missing from from the sun.

5. Behind the Creepy Screaming of the Prometheus Trailer

Joe Berkowitz interviews Paul Dinletir of audiomachine about how he writes music from film trailers and where that electronic scream on the Prometheus trailer came from.

4. Use Vinyl Flooring as a Backdrop

Want a durable backdrop that’s stronger than paper and won’t wrinkle like cloth? Try stopping by your local hardware store and buying up that ugly vinyl flooring that’s in the cheap bin.

3. How do you make a documentary about Ken Burns?

Making a short documentary about the iconic documentary filmmaker is a tall order in itself. Sarah Klein and Tom Mason sit down with the Atlantic to discuss how they approached the form and how they found b-roll for lofty ideas such as “1+1=3?.

2. A Closer Look at the Bell & Howell 2709 Cinema Camera

Enough of these fancy-pants digital cameras! Sam Dodge gives us a tour of a historically significant antique motion picture studio camera. Originally purchased by Thomas Ince for use at Thomas Ince Studios. February 23, 1918.

1. Happy Birthday YouTube!

YouTube turns 7 today. And now the statistic is 72 hours of video uploaded every hour minute.

WTF Post of the Week

The Great Gatsby Trailer

You Talkin' to Me?

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Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

Congratulations on your 52 week anniversary! Well done and keep up the great work John. Stamina!

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