NAB Wrap Up, Future Proofing, 4K and Babes (the Wrap)

John Hess recounts the NAB convention in Las Vegas, French Babes and how you can (or can’t) future proof your projects.

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Top 7 Articles of the Week from April 15-21, 2012

7. How It’s Made: Optical Lenses

Watch this video from the Discovery Channel series “How It’s Made” to see how glass goes from a block to a highly polished optical lens. Now you know why they are so expensive.

6. Amazing Stop Motion Video: The Shins “The Rifle’s Spiral”

Director Jamie Caliri’s beautiful stop motion animation video for “The Rifle’s Spiral,” a new track by The Shins. Caliri observes: “It’s now more like the years before MTV, when music videos did not have a formula. You can be expressive and idiosyncratic.”

The Shins: The Rifle’s Spiral on

5. How to get into a Film Festival – Advice from a Festival Director

Darren Levine, Festival Director & Co-Founder NYC Filmmaker’s Fest., offers some advice to filmmakers on how to submit your project to film festivals.

4. Stupid & Dangerous Super Slow Motion Footage with the Phantom Flex

Super slow motion highlights, from Danish TV show “Dumt & Farligt,” using the Phantom Flex.

3. Battle of the Canon 5ds: Mk II and Mk III – an UNscientific-Real-World Test

Does the new iteration of the 5d stomp out its older brother? We put to the cameras to a test in a head to head at NAB2012 in a real world duke-it-out test. No charts, no controls and slightly hung-over… which camera will come up on top?

2. NAB 2012: Black Magic, Adobe, Canon, Sony, and A Shiny Pimpin’ Van

NAB has become the world’s largest convention of media geeks and nerds around. Mid-April thousands make the pilgrimage to the land of Lost Wages to get a chance to look at new equipment and ask simple questions that could have been answered by a quick Google search.

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1. Fear and 4K in Las Vegas: Filmmaker IQ Peeps at Canon’s Pixels

In this Article I pixel peep Canon’s 4k offerings and point out shots where Shane Hurlbut’s crew couldn’t nail focus:

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