John Hess recounts the NAB convention in Las Vegas, French Babes and how you can (or can’t) future proof your projects.

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Top 7 Articles of the Week from April 15-21, 2012

7. How It’s Made: Optical Lenses

Watch this video from the Discovery Channel series “How It’s Made” to see how glass goes from a block to a highly polished optical lens. Now you know why they are so expensive.

6. Amazing Stop Motion Video: The Shins “The Rifle’s Spiral”

Director Jamie Caliri’s beautiful stop motion animation video for “The Rifle’s Spiral,” a new track by The Shins. Caliri observes: “It’s now more like the years before MTV, when music videos did not have a formula. You can be expressive and idiosyncratic.”

The Shins: The Rifle’s Spiral on

5. How to get into a Film Festival – Advice from a Festival Director

Darren Levine, Festival Director & Co-Founder NYC Filmmaker’s Fest., offers some advice to filmmakers on how to submit your project to film festivals.

4. Stupid & Dangerous Super Slow Motion Footage with the Phantom Flex

Super slow motion highlights, from Danish TV show “Dumt & Farligt,” using the Phantom Flex.

3. Battle of the Canon 5ds: Mk II and Mk III – an UNscientific-Real-World Test

Does the new iteration of the 5d stomp out its older brother? We put to the cameras to a test in a head to head at NAB2012 in a real world duke-it-out test. No charts, no controls and slightly hung-over… which camera will come up on top?

2. NAB 2012: Black Magic, Adobe, Canon, Sony, and A Shiny Pimpin’ Van

NAB has become the world’s largest convention of media geeks and nerds around. Mid-April thousands make the pilgrimage to the land of Lost Wages to get a chance to look at new equipment and ask simple questions that could have been answered by a quick Google search.

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1. Fear and 4K in Las Vegas: Filmmaker IQ Peeps at Canon’s Pixels

In this Article I pixel peep Canon’s 4k offerings and point out shots where Shane Hurlbut’s crew couldn’t nail focus:

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