John Hess dives into the storyboard of his latest film for better or for worse.

Episode 45

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Top 7 Articles of the Week

7. Canon 5d Crash Cam Reel

Vashi Nedomansky put together a sizzle reel of Canon 5d MkII cameras being used as Crash Cam in various productions as shot by Shane Hurlbut.

6. Canon 5d MkII & III Side by Side

Nathan Lee Bush from Adorama TV post a side by side comparison of the 5d MkII and MkIII comparing things like Moire, Rolling Shutter, Low Light Capabilities and Dynamic Range.

Can you see much difference?

5. Philip Bloom Reviews Canon 5d Mk III

Philip Bloom puts the latest Canon 5d iteration to the test in the islands of New Zealand.

4. Polone: Who Really Determines the Fates of Aspiring Screenwriters?

Gavin Polone, producer of Zombieland, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the Gilmore Girls, talks about who really controls the future of aspiring screenwriters.

3. Pricing Strategies for Creatives

How much to charge perhaps the hardest part of the freelance business. Jason Blumers offers a few tips for better pricing habits.

2. The Dark Knight Rises – LEAKED Audio of Freeman admitting he doesn’t get Batman

Can’t Christian Bale have a crazy conversation on set without somebody recording it? These “authentic” outtakes from the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” show Bale and costar Morgan Freeman spinning on not understanding the difference Batman and Bruce Wayne to Christian Bale wondering why he wasn’t asked to be in Inception.

Created by Irony Point NYC.

Yes, it’s a joke… More videos on the link.

1. Sneak Peak at Sony NEX-FS700 – Sony’s New Super Slo-Mo and 4k Camera

The Sony NEX-FS700 is making the rounds as the next anticipated “It” camera. Capturing with a 4k chip and scaling down to HD (with 4k as an upgrade option in the future), this camera boasts the capability to over crank up to 240 frames per second in full HD (an 960 fps in 480p mode). Here the first official promo video from Sony to hit the webs:

WTF Post of the Week

Did I just fall into the Rabbit Hole?

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Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.


Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

Good work. I feel it.

Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

You need a Bill Collector? I can make a phone call to “The Bill Collector.” He’s not cheap but he knows how to (threat-break legs) get the money-

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