This video tutorial, by Jarle Leirpoll, teaches how to do primary, secondary and some pretty advanced color correction in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5. You’ll learn how to create masks for color correction inside of Premiere Pro, and to tweak parts of the image without affecting others.

Also covered is how to fix moiré, blown-out highlights, blue sky fix, sharpening, letterboxing, noise reduction, stabilizing and scaling/crop.

Click here to download the free preset collection “Jarle’s Grading Tools” so you can speed up your own color grading workflow.

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why don’t you just use Magic Bullet Colorista? Steamlines the whole thing and with HSL Qualification too.

Jarle Leirpoll

Colorista is great, but I’m kind of allergic to rendering, so I prefer to use Premiere Pro’s own grading tools. Much faster grading, and much faster export – and time is money. smile


Wow! Never thought of using the crop effect for colour correction. Thanks!

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