Last week Canon released the specs on the much speculated about follow-up to Canon 5d Mk II. But I’m finding it hard to get really that excited about this new camera…

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Top 7 Articles of the Week

7. When TV Gets Too Good, You become a Bum

Fred Armisten and Carrie Brownstein document the tragic descent into sloth that occurs when TV shows like Battlestar Galactica get too good.

6. How to Avoid Dealing With the Police When Shooting in Public

With phrases like “If you see something, say something” the government has made our fellow citizens suspicious of photographers in the public space. I’m not sure if it is making us safer, but one thing is for sure, getting interrupted by the long arm of the law can really harm your shoot. To help you avoid these unwanted encounters the folks over at Strobist have offered up some tips when shooting in public.

5. Canon 5D MkIII Official Specs Hit the Interwebs

Its just a matter of time before you can get your hands on the next generation Canon 5D HDSLR camera. What’s new? Perhaps just about everything as Canon has implemented the new Digic5+ sensor which is capable of shooting to a dizzying 26,500 ISO. Specs aside, how does it shoot? We’ll have to wait and see.

4. How to Get it Done in the First Ten Pages

The Script Lab takes a look at Five Iconic Movies (Edward Scissorhands, Cool Hand Luke, The Big Lebowski, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and 500 Days of Summer) and how they cover the five essential elements in the first 10 pages for an attention grabbing script.

3. Commercial and Celebrity Photography: An Interview with Blair Bunting

Adorama Photography TV presents “How’d They Do That?” featuring commercial photographer, Blair Bunting. In this episode of “How’d They Do That” Mark talks to Blair about his technique and his unique approach to photography.

2. Welcome to the New Celtx!

The new Celtx ecosystem is designed to let you create and write anywhere. This short walkthrough gives a high-level overview of some of the benefits for creators upon creating a free account at

1. 102 Things I Have Learned About Street Photography

Photographer Eric Kim made this recent list of things he has learned while shooting street photography over the past 5 years.

1. A photograph is like a sentence. Aim to write a book.
2. Always smile and say “thank you” when shooting on the streets
3. Shoot with your heart, not with your eyes
4. Shooting with friends will make you feel much more comfortable on the streets
5. The most versatile focal length is 35mm
6. Don’t rely on autofocus – use zone focusing
7. Have a drink to loosen yourself up before shooting on the streets
8. Have at least 3 backups of all your photographs (hard drives all eventually fail)
9. If you shoot film, keep your images organized
10. The best critique is never online—always in-person

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