Could the Canon 5d mkII finally see some serious competion?

Because of its lack of video capabilities and its relatively low resolution, the Nikon D700 never attained the level of buzz the Canon EOS 5D Mark II did, despite being an excellent camera. With the D800, Nikon looks poised to catch up to, if not overtake, Canon in the hearts and minds of full-frame devotees.

With all the information about the D800 having leaked in advance, it’s easy to tell what’s been most attention-grabbing: the high-resolution sensor and the D800E sibling model which incorporates a modified low-pass filter system that results in little to no antialiasing. There’s no doubt that the combination should appeal to professionals like studio and wedding photographers.

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With clean 4:2:2 video coming off the HDMI port, this camera has a lot of people very excited. Here’s one of the first shorts shot on the Nikon D800.

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