Amanda Lin Costa explores the new methods of distributing films and the myriad of strategies that filmmakers use to get their product to the masses.

Traditionally, there were three main types of distribution for the work of independent filmmakers: theatrical, broadcast and straight to DVD. Most filmmakers hoped for a combination of all three.

But everything has changed. The digital online world has opened up new avenues of distribution including video on demand, live streaming, and mobile and tablet applications.

Indie filmmakers are harnessing these digital forms of distribution to increase their audience and maintain control of their film, but the “how and where” their film is viewed, the financial recovery of production costs, and their eligibility for awards all factor into their choices.

“Every film has its own path,” said director Tiffany Shlain, remembering something she once heard that stuck.

Today, choosing that path is more complicated then ever. | Read the Full Article

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