Is the master of surreal film going all Coppola for a hearty mocha? If by that you’re asking if David Lynch is launching his own brand of organic coffee than the answer is YES!

A couple of years ago, my friend Erik who worked with me asked me why I didn’t get my own line of coffee. I thought it would be a good idea and I began to test many different types of coffee. I finally found a coffee that I loved more than all the rest. And during blind tests I would always pick that one coffee.

I contacted the company that made it and together we worked on slight variations for a house roast, a decaf, and an espresso blend. This became the David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee. And I really like it very much. My friend who came over today had a decaf cup and said it tasted very good. I now drink about seven large cups per day, and I really look forward to each new cup.

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Lynch even released a commercial entitled, “Oh Yeah” (but don’t expect any punch pitchers breaking through walls):

It may not make you want to grab a cup of joe but its still better than last year’s teaser for the coffee line:

You can pick up David Lynch’s Signature Coffees here

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