Filmmaker Tom Antos demonstrates how storyboarding and strategic lighting design are key to achieving a cinematic look in this video by Indy Mogul.

You Talkin' to Me?

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I do like the tutorial.

Nashawn Osborne

I agree with numballover about the heavy blue hair light and the light in the frame.

Other than that Tom did a great job on transforming your everyday living room into an Alien playpen. Tom is very talented.

I do hate those work lights though. All in all, great video.


Ick. What’s with the blue and red hair lights? What’s with the lights distractingly in the frame behind a door when a 2ft piece of Lee 250 would have made it look amazing?

He pulls the key closer and makes flat lighting on her face while the hair light 2 or 3 stops over what it should be. Hot hairlights are fine, but they don’t really make sense in another wise low contrast image.

The advice of the tutorial isn’t bad, but everything he did lighting wise is pretty weak.

He also says its cool to use John’s favorite lights…the home depot light.

John P. Hess

I was going to let this one go… but Numb opened the flood gates. smile

Ignoring the rather muddiness of the shots…

Numb touched on it with regards to the flat lighting… there’s a weird mix of soft and hard lighting going on here. The cinematographer seems to feel like he needs to light the actors face in full with that big softbox… but you don’t. Certainly not in something that’s suppose to be a thriller. Shadows on the face are interesting.

And the gels… I went through that phase too…

Seeing the lighting in this made me realize why I don’t like those home depot abominations. Even the “pro” ligtht’s he’s got bug me.

There’s a big difference in aesthetic between a bulb shaped like a bar and a bulb that creates more of a point light.

Ben Fullerton

I’m gonna have to agree with both of you. Pretty much everything in this video is a reasonably good idea that was turned up to 11, and I think it’s a hard sell to be putting people out there as experts who don’t know how to exercise restraint or tastefully apply techniques. It’s a telltale sign of a novice to not yet have grown out of the mindset that if some is good, more is better. Soft light looks good? Make it softer! Rim light adds pleasing separation? Turn it up! Gels shape the mood? Gel all the things!

Also, having just typed all that, I now realize that this thread is 2 years old, soooo….

John P. Hess

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