Philip Bloom asked seven professional editors (Michael Friedman, Cameron King, Adam Barton, Eli Ungar-Sargon, Alan Seawright, Chip Dizárd) to share their experiences with working with the much maligned Final Cut Pro X. Perhaps the lover’s scorn for the Apple editing system was more emotional than rational?

After months of editing with FCP X, I am still aware of the ‘missing tracks’ but now, instead of driving a car, (bear with me, I am jumping metaphors) it feels more like skiing or surfing. There’s a freedom, a flexibility. Now, ‘tracks’ seem out of place.

If you think this sounds like flowery hyperbole, you may be right. It’s hard to think of ways to convey feelings about software. So, I am merely trying to express the small sense of elation that I felt when I realized the upside of losing my trusted track framework. I felt encouraged to experiment more. I felt slightly liberated in my timeline edits. For someone who grinds away in editing interfaces day after day, year after year, for more than a decade, this was a notable change. There is something new here; a different way to edit.

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