Ready to take the plunge to becoming a filmmaking gun for hire? Remington McElhaney compiles 10 tips to help making that transition smoother.

1. Be Prepared
Deciding to take the leap into freelancing can be terrifying. You can ease your way into it but eventually you are going to have to take the plunge and jump on it. Quitting your job and not knowing where your next pay check is coming can be very scary. It’s especially scary if you have a lot of bills or a family to support (luckily I didn’t).

One of the most important things to do is to make sure you are prepared. I made sure I could go three months without getting a single job and still be okay. Not because I thought I would have that hard of a time getting work, but I didn’t know. I was awarded 10 jobs in December. For all I knew though, December could be the biggest month of the year for freelancers. Maybe January was the worst…

Another important reason for this was I didn’t want to be pressured into taking jobs I wouldn’t normally take. If you are getting desperate for work and your bills are stacking up you’ll take anything. I didn’t want to be put into that position. A few (or one) negative feedback on a site such as Elance can sink your freelancing dreams very quickly in the early stages.

There will always be clients you should steer clear off and unfortunately that’s one of those things you will to figure out and develop a sense over time. Being prepared will help take some (not all) of the stress out of freelancing.

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Ben Walters

That was an exceptional article.

Tim Bradley

Starting out is the hardest. When you get a job on a shoot do your best and hope that someone notices. From there you’ll be fine. In Australia its all a word of mouth thing. So someone you have worked with will pass on your details if they thought you were keen or good.

Geoff Stock

Very good advice. Starting out can be very scary but once you are having success the life experiences are fantastic, worth all the initial worry.

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