In a follow-up to 3 Rules for Shooting Outdoors, Chris Weaver gives 3 Simple Tips for shooting better footage when the action moves inside.

When shooting interiors with available light whenever possible WORK WITH THE LIGHT.

It’s actually a rule you should use whenever and where-ever you’re filming, not just inside without lights, but it comes into its own indoors. Don’t fight the light (hmm… could make a good album name!), use whatever light there is in the environment to your advantage and don’t make things hard for yourself. I like to split this rule up into 3 “sub-rules” (no not sub-rolls!). These include:

Controlling the light by closing/opening blinds and curtains.

Utilising whatever electric lights are in situ (table lamps, overhead lighting, monitors/tv screens).

Standing your subject facing a source of light (a window for example) to illuminate him/her on screen – Avoiding shooting against bright backgrounds and having to battle with your exposure.

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Tim Bradley

Working with the light also can be a really fast way to setup and shoot. So when the budget doesn’t give you enough time you can save some time by working with the light thats there.

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