Jorge from Vimeo shows you how to build a DSLR Steadicam from parts bought at Home Depot. Quick Release plate is optional but it really helps to have one. Cost with Manfrotto Quick Release 577 is $60 without under $15.

A How-To-Build Tutorial from Jorge

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Has anyone done this in the UK and have a guide to uk materials sizes and stores cuz u cant seem to get any of that here….


It looks like you have markings for the screw holes for the plate and handle. Were they arbitrary or something specific?


I heated the PVC coupling in the oven. Once it was warm (about 2-3 minutes at 200 degrees), I put an oven mitt on and pressed the pvc around the bearing. For the Traxxis, I took one of those long neck lighters you use to light candles and held it to both the bearing (now snugly fit inside the handle) and the plastic of the Traxxis. The hot metal of the bearing and the warm plastic got a little pliable and I pressed it in firmly. Once it was all the way in, I put it in the freezer for a few minutes to cool and expand back out, making a very snug and clean fit.


How in the world did you get the Traxxas 1651 into the skateboard bearing?


I shaved the traxxas a bit

John P. Hess

I don’t think I’m entirely sold on the concept of these curved rigs for DIY… There’s a lot of rocking up and down on this setup.


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