For the hard-to-shop-for-filmmaker, VandM in an exclusive partnership with the Museum of the City of New York is releasing a collection of photographic prints by legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Shot early in his career before he turned to filmmaking, these glimpses into New York City life in the late 40s show the beginnings of a genius at work.

Johnny Grant

Girl with Dolls

Shoe Shine Boy

Boxer Walter Cartier

Walking Away on the Streets of New York

Waiting at the Dentist


Laboratory at Columbia University

Johnny on the Spot

Student at Columbia University

Betsy Von Furstenberg

And my personal favorite, to show you that Kubrick was indeed a Simianphile…

Circus Woman with Rollerskating Monkey

You Talkin' to Me?

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Mark Dunn

They’re inkjet prints from scans, not proper silver gelatin prints. What a shame.



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