You may be hard pressed to find a difference between the North Korean Megalomaniac and a Hollywood executive (assuming you overlook the diminutive dictator’s role in the death of millions of his countrymen) but when Kim Jong Il died, the world lost one of the greatest wanna-be-filmmaker around. Amazingly in a country whose chief export is border tension, they still have enough resources to put on a first rate production of a state funeral…

Cecil B DeMille would have admired the funeral of Kim Jong-il. Its staging owes much to the Hollywood movies that the Dear Leader so loved.

It’s worth noting that the scenes coming out of North Korea are probably only the second time live images have been broadcast from the hermit nuclear state. The first time was in 2000, when Kim Jong-il met the South Korean president Kim Dae-jung as part of the stuttering reconciliation process.

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Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

Wow, Central Casting brought in the big guns for this one. Those were some great background actors, a little over-the-top, but I’m sure they’ll clean it up in “post.”


Some of the worst acting I have ever seen!

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