Returning to as grass roots as you can get, Director/actor Ed Burns offers some tips on how he shot a film with the Canon 5d in New York City for just nine grand.

Trailer for his film: “Newlyweds

“Newlyweds” will be available in Video On Demand starting December 26, 2011

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Nice Movie, I really like the trailer. Looks and feels professional.


Ed grabs the horn by the ball after all the success and fame , old school . He’s the man .

Travis Pearson

Great stuff!


Thanks for this. I’m web developer and make shit for money. It’s taken about a year of saving and scrimping to pull together money for my gear (almost there). All the while the little voice in my head spinning that I’m a bum and all my projects fail. Watching Ed talk about the process and seeing the results – yeah it’s possible to pull together a little film with affordable digital gear and cool friends. With a bit a work and some luck, just makes the ‘dream’ seem possible.

Nashawn Osborne

It’s all about finding people to work with you and enjoying the process.

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