In this panel, sponsored by EditFest NY, editors Thelma Schoonmaker, Mark Livolsi, Sabrina Plisco, David Salter, and Allan Title discuss their many problem solving experiences.

In Part I, Thelma Schoonmaker discusses her experiences in editing an improvisational scene from “Raging Bull.”

In Part II, Mark Livolsi discusses the process of cutting down an extended scene from “Almost Famous.”

In Part III, Editor Sabrina Plisco discusses how editors must shift gears and adapt to reactions from preview audiences, as she demonstrates with “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.”

In Part IV, Editor David Salter discusses the intricacies and differences of being an editor on an animated film. In this video he describes his experiences editing “Finding Nemo.”

In Part V, Writer, Producer and Editor Allan Title describes how he crafted a dramatic story out of limited footage for a pilot reality show called “Arctic Roughnecks.”

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Ray Roman

Enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! The last clip is funny how they put together that episode.

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