FilmmakerIQ’s John Hess sits down with Philip Bloom, one of the internet’s leading sources for digital cinematography. We chat about what cameras to consider, the Red Scarlet X and his decision to withdraw his order, his career and what advice he has to give to aspiring filmmakers.
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Top 7 Articles of the Week

7. Top 7 Country Songs That Should Be Movies
Now some of you that know way too much about Country Music to be on this site may say, a couple of these where already made into movies. If you are one of these people, please get off your sister, get that mullet cut and get a job!

6.How to make Work Lights slightly less crappy
LoweRuno Productions shares some modifications he made to his construction work lights to re-purpose the for video use. The results aren’t spectacular but if you absolutely have to use these abominations (as opposed to bare bulbs which are readily available), these modifications can come in handy.

5. Jodi Foster on Travis Bickle as the Anti-Hero in TAXI DRIVER
Jodi Foster discusses the character Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro, in Martin Scorsese’s TAXI DRIVER. Foster discusses Travis Bickle as an “anti-hero,” and the reasons she thinks audiences can identify with him.

4.An Easy Way to Color Grade for Film-Look

Using Red Giant Colorista Free, NewWaveG demonstrates how the “film look” gamma curve we’ve all been trying to emulate may actually be backwards.

3. Behind the scene of a First Person Shooter turn Mountain Dew Ad

In a joint campaign with Modern Warfare 3, McG and master cinematographer Shane Hurlbut put the Canon 5d to the task of capturing the look of a first person shooter for a Mountain Dew Ad.

2. If Saul Bass Designed the Title Sequence…
Between Mad Men and Pan Am, the demand for iconic 60s title sequences has never been stronger. We scoured the internets to find how many legendary films might have looked if their title sequences designed by the legendary Saul Bass:

1.True 3D Projection Tech Makes Images Hove in Mid-Air Without a Screen

This True 3D display technology, developed by Burton, uses a laser to creates luminous points of light at desired locations in air or underwater. It works by focusing laser light, to produce plasma excitation from the oxygen and nitrogen in the air.

WTF Post of the Week

Black Friday Shopping at it’s best:

An honorable mention for my the Jazz ensemble I play in and our performance of “Blues in Frankie’s Flat”

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