With calmer heads, FilmmakerIQ’s John Hess explains why the Canon CF300 will be a more stable and useful platform than the newly announced RED Scarlet, at least in the near term.

Episode 23

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War of the Cameras: Scarlet X vs Canon CF300

The Truth about 2K and 4k (Creative COW)

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Karl Richter

Funny thing about this podcast in relation to the RED vs. Canon. You literally said you don’t know much about RED. So that kinda discounts what you’re saying if you’re comparing cameras and one of them is a RED.

• The notion that ‘4K is unnecessary’ is like saying ‘we’re never going to use more than ________ for hard drive storage/ processing power/ graphics rendering’. Short-sighted. We’ll be there soon. And, as you said, 4K is extremely useful for visualFX but if you don’t do them, you don’t know. And yes, even people using this camera are going to be doing visualFX. Music videos have virtually no budget but have visualFX.

• RED delivers a RAW image. If you have any knowledge of editorial and coloring, this is very important to coloring. Coloring is extremely important to any type of motion picture, especially short form content— music videos, short films, commercials.

• RED’s workflow is very useful to working with small files for faster editorial and re-connecting to the full-res RAW files when you go to finish.

• RED can do amazing slow motion at full HD (1920×1080). Canon does not. That’s just silly as it was a feature on their DSLR’s they should have corrected for something that’s going to function as a ‘cinema’ camera.

I’m not a ‘big-time’ Director, but a Director none the less. I work with the RED on almost every project and have a very good understanding of how well most digital cameras work on set and how well that footage delivers in post. Canon is catching up, not RED. RED truly started the digital revolution for cinema. Otherwise the filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh would have jumped on using the Panavision Genesis when it was released.

Thanks for the chat about Walter Murch’s book ‘In the Blink of An Eye’. That was a great read for me when I first got into doing this. It’s important information all those people picking up their 7Ds should learn about.

Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

I thought you had a balled-up towel on the chair behind you, until it moved and winked at me. Mellow rabbit. Or…how did you teach it to “stay” ??

Alex Tichy

I was amazed by the RED Scarlet but from what you said… it seems as if the C300 wins for usability although, for about 14K, you can get a Scarlet with a card, monitor, Side handle, and two batteries… you can just throw it on your DSLR rig, and get amazing results even in 1080p if you wanted to. I’m thinking: lets do this, I’m down.

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