Top 7 Songs About Filmmaking

This is one of those lists that seemed easy, but after the first few that came to mind it was really hard filling out the rest of the list.  I know I forgot some easy ones so make sure and post them in the comments.

#7 Bran Van 3000 – Drinkin In LA

#6 Kinks – Celluloid Heroes

#5 Elton John – Candle In The Wind

#4 Dire Straits – Skateaway

#3 Garland Jeffreys – 35 Millimeter Dreams

#2 Poison – Fallen Angel

#1 Mayo ft. DJ Class – No Budget

UPDATE: @death2themovies reminded us that we forgot a classic here on IQ (It’s not about making movies, but we can’t pass up a chance to post it.):

BANGS – Take U To Da Movies