Our friends at Celtx have created a new app, Celtx Shots, to capture your next great idea. It is the first app with both storyboarding and set blocking built-in allowing you to create storyboards and block scenes in the field, on the set, or anytime inspiration strikes.  Celtx Shots also syncs with your free Celtx desktop software, so you can work anytime, anywhere.

While you are at the App Store don’t forget to also download the iPhone/iPad app for Celtx Writers. Celtx Script is the only mobile screenwriting app that syncs directly with Celtx desktop software, making it easy to write a screenplay from any place at any time.

Even if you don’t have a iPad you can still download Celtx for FREE and start planning out you next film!

Storyboard Anywhere:

Create dynamic storyboards using the iPad 2 camera or images from your Photos folder.

Block On Set:

Sketch informative setups quickly and easily using clip art images.

Communicate Your Vision:

Design your productions for full dramatic effect.

Sync Shots:

Sync your project between the desktop and iPad using iTunes.


  • Create and edit multi-sequence, multi-shot storyboards.
  • Block camera, lighting, talent, and equipment setups.
  • Create storyboards and sketches linked to scripts imported from Celtx Sync.
  • Import and export projects through iTunes.
  • Import images into storyboards directly from Photos or Camera.
  • View storyboard and blocking animatics with the built-in player.
  • Resize, rotate and flip storyboard images in-app.
  • Email edited image files.
  • Email sketches as PNG, PDF or SVG files.
  • 81 pre-installed clip art images for set blocking. Purchase additional Art Packs in-app.
  • Developed by Team Celtx.


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Great review! I’ve been using Celtx for a few years, its cool to write a script with it but for storyboards its really difficult to use. For the past few weeks I’ve been using Action Pro and I like almost everything about it http://www.Action-Pro.tv I like the fact that the shot lists are automatically generated for you based on your storyboards, really awesome stuff

Jerry Taylor

Been waiting a few years. Anything up?

Nashawn Osborne

Nice. Wish developers took advantage of Android as well.

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