With all the hype surrounding Steve Jobs, it’s easy to overlook the company that actually operates 90% of the computers in the world. Here is how Microsoft sees the future, and judging by the crowds in the subway, clearly it would be after the zombie apocalypse cleared off most of humanity.

You Talkin' to Me?

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Armin Kraemer

Beautiful possibilities. The video is a bit too pragmatic, merely enhancing current world actions. Of course that’s good, but it’d be amazing, inspiring, not only to us but to the makers of these technologies, Microsoft’s employees included, if we dreamed up possibilities of lifestyle not in existence at all today, thus driving innovation to achieve the as yet nonexistent activities.

The education potential is tapped in the least, the girl interacting with her little supercomputer looks like a hyped up flash game. There’s a huge potential for innovating not only the media and medium of academic subjects, but how the subject itself is presented. For example, in mathematics, with the use of three dimensional virtual space, patterns could easily be visualized and played with, giving a whole new meaning to number sense, among just one aspect of the subject as a whole. In other words, dream bigger, really… no really. Start 700 years from now and imagine anything, how incredibly different it’ll be, then work backwards.

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