In this video The Frugal Filmmaker shows you how to make camera crane (or jib) with $30 in parts and your own tripod. This version will give you the same functionality of the expensive ones and is portable as well.


1- 10′ length of chain link top rail
2- training wheels with rubber grooved tires
1- dumbell handle with screw collars
1- Simpson Strong Tie A24 angle (Home Depot SKU# 590007)
1- roll of 50lb. test fishing line
1- small hook & eye turnbuckle
1- quick plate from your tripod
2- 1/2″ PVC plugs
1- 1/2″ PVC end cap
1- 1/2″ PVC tee
1- 1/2″ PVC elbow
1- 1/2″ PVC pipe (3″ in length)
1- 1/2″ PVC pipe (5″ in length)
3- 1/4″ machine screws (1 1/2″ in length)
4- 1/4″ nuts with nuts
1- 1/4″ lock washer
2- 1/4″ fender washers
1- 3/8″ bolt (3″ in length)
1- 3/8″ bolt (4″ in length)
7- 3/8″ nuts
2- 3/8″ fender washers
1-4 3/8″ washers
1- 3/8″ lock washer
1- knobbed 1/4″ bolt with 5-6 exposed threads
1- 1/4″ screw (2 1/2″ in length)
1- 1/4″ wing nut

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Do the lengths of the screws matter? Could you specify the lengths of the screws? Do you have ideas to add some friction in your 2.0 upgrade from this? This jib looks great and I am glad it does not require metal welding like some others as I cannot afford that tool.


Great, GREAT tutorial. Thank you I love it!

One question. Why not make the entire boom of the thick wall round pvc vs. the fence rail?

Either way I’m stoked at the thought of making this for my Canon T21.

Ryan Tyler

The PVC flexes and creates more noise than the Fence rail. Also When you start to get longer lenses that are worth more, do you want it hanging off of a pice of PVC or Sturdy medal pipe?

Thurman Dalrymple, Jr.

Very cool.


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