John Hess talks about working his hometown festival and the headaches caused by formatting issues and we recap the week of Sept 12-18, 2011


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Animation I created for the Temecula Valley Internation Film and Music Festival

Article Wrap up

Alimation: An Animated Film of Food Zoetropes
Alexandre DUBOSC’s short piece ‘Alimation’ of edible zoetropes, created for the 2011 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

Monopod Battle: Sachtler vs Manfrotto
This video by Orange Wedding Films offers quick comparison review of the Sachtler Soom Systemand the Manfrotto Monopod 561BHDV.

Build a DIY Steadycam
This video by Miguel Vicente shows you how to build a simple, but effective steadycam.

Unlocking the Genre Codex
What constitute a genre? Using a database of 897 scripts, genres are broken down using good old statistics and graphs, which is really the only way to discuss films.

10 Tips for Crowd Funding Newbs
Crowd funding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are littered with the carcasses of failed projects. Though not a guarantee of success, there’s probably a good chance the unsuccessful pitch may have ignored one or more of these tips…

Transitioning from FCP to Premiere – the Gotchas
For those looking to avoid the pitfalls of FCP X and migrate to Adobe, Vimeo user Walter Biscardi Jrdemonstrates some of the differences between FCP and Premiere Pro CS5.5 that may be able to save you some early transitional frustrations.

The Sony EX1 vs Canon 5d MkII, Underwater
In this week’s vlog of our favorite underwater short film “The Underwater Realm“, Director David M. Reynolds takes a look at their underwater light tubes, underwater color grading and pits the EX1 and Canon 5d MkII up against each other:

Inside RED Studios, Hollywood
Ted Shilowitz discusses the basics of RED Cinema Cameras being used by Peter Jackson and James Cameron and delivers a tour of RED Studios.

Naming your Baby, How to Find a Great Title for Your Screenplay
A movie title is like a first impression and Gordon Hoffman breaks down some ideas on how to pick out the right title.

How to Drive Fast without Breaking any Speed Limits
On this episode of Film Riot, Ryan Connolly demonstrates how to shoot action driving scenes, using some fancy camera and sound work to add some octane to a car chase scene without breaking any speed limits.

10 New Rules for the Film Industry
Thomas Mai – film consultant and professional speaker talks about the 10 new rules in 10 minutes for the film industry and all the great possibilities for film makers today.

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