Transmedia is one of those new buzz words describing stories told through various mediums. In this two part article, Rich Fahle looks at the push for Transmedia stories and how you can use it to further brand your product.

Part I

…Once a collection of siloed channels with their own unique agendas, media formats like paper books, DVD movies, websites, and online video are now evolving and blending together, with end users increasingly making less distinction between the media types and platforms that are now woven into our daily media routine.

This fundamental shift in consumption has given rise to the idea of transmedia: stories told and delivered in a platform-agnostic world, blending story elements seamlessly between various engagement points.

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Part II

…As we discussed, with transmedia’s multi-platform outreach approach, people can engage with your story on a deeper level than any single platform allows, opening the door to a more immersive, collaborative experience. That’s because transmedia takes advantage of the way we live and communicate now, crossing freely from one conversational medium to the next, engaging and sharing in different ways within the daily flow of our digital lives.

With a thoughtfully architected transmedia experience, we’re no longer forced to leave our favorite stories behind when moving between devices, screens or locations. Rather, we can carry our stories with us from platform to platform, adding layers of engagement at each stop along the way.

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