We have all seen those glowing reviews of crap movies by “critics” you never heard of, whose name is in such small print their legal department must have created the font. These shinning examples of bad bootleg DVDs shows sometimes you need to step outside the law to get a little honesty in movie marketing.

They where created by non-English speaking bootleggers getting quotes off the interwebs not realizing many are horribly negative then pastes the quotes on the package heedless of the content.

You can find these and other Crappy Bootleg DVD Covers in their Flickr pool.

“Not as good as the first one, but OK”

“…to be endured rather than enjoyed…”

“A really bad soap opera… “

“…irritating and toothless…”

“…terrible movie…”

“Dated and only intermittently funny.”

“…trying too hard to make the film work.”

“It’s just innocuous.”

“A piece of fectly Purement”

“…pretentious, confusing, dull and shocking…”

“…Good but not great”

“…the inexperience shows.”

“…Too self-absorbed…”

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