When I was doing the prep work for “Treachery in Three Dimensions” – I figured out a way of shooting the two major scenes inside my garage using a couple of flats and a fake desk that I had built for previous projects. Since all the action was to take place in one area, I decided to mount my Sony EX1 and run a timelapse of the entire production day:

You can see us frequently opening and shutting the garage door – the day was getting hot and the mix of lights and fog machine was becoming quite uncomfortable at times. I have edited out most of the breaks and retakes… but if you want to see the entire timelapse in raw form sped up to about 100x real speed here it is:

Here’s a timelapse of the day before the shoot where I prepped the first shot:

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Mauricio Varona
Mauricio Varona

Hey man, fine but need the +1 button to share on mi google+


Impressive. Makes you think of how much you can get done in limited space. What gear are you using John?

Mario Umanzor

This was a perfect example of adapting to what you have available. Awesome work and really inspiring.

Chris Hackett

Nice work. It is really awesome how you converted that space in to a very functioning set. Nice stuff man.

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