The Hollywood Reporter ranked up a list of the top 25 film schools in the world in their inaugural list. Not surprisingly, AFI and USC top their list:

…1. American Film Institute
Among the most selective film schools in America, AFI’s Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies in Los Angeles offers a two-year conservatory program where students specialize in fields including directing, producing and writing, often coming to the institute after working in the industry or having attended other schools. Its “fellows” are typically more mature (average age is 27) and benefit from speakers and teachers drawn from the highest levels of the industry, supported by the full weight of AFI itself. Comparing it to cross-town rivals UCLA and USC is a bit of apples-and-oranges, given its small size and emphasis on specialization, but AFI’s glittering parade of alumni, from David Lynch to Darren Aronofsky, remains unrivaled when it comes to auteur filmmakers. Students are guaranteed the freedom to make a thesis film and are given access to SAG members for their casts and $13,500 in financing. If you know where you’re going, AFI can get you there.

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musuood tanvir arshad
musuood tanvir arshad

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Rita Rallemos

Colorado film school? COLORADO? Where in holy hell did that come from? Colorado is more famous for people to move there and be pretentious assholes. Oh wait, now I see why they chose Colorado.


You should read the comments at the end of the article. A lot of people are wondering what the real criteria was for selecting the 25 top schools… Unfortunately THR is really going downhill fast. I think you will get much better information from and

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