Apple released Final Cut Pro X to the Mac App Store yesterday for $299.99. It promises better speed and more efficiency. They say the new version isn’t merely an update of Final Cut Pro 7, Apple says it’s rebuilt from the ground up. It may be too early to tell it’s hype or real, but we decided to throw together a few first looks at it.

You Talkin' to Me?

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Scott Jarvie

:/ This is leaving a foul taste in my mouth, hard to say at this point what I think because most of the reviews are mac fan boys gushing over everything mac…

Not a fan of the switching over to be more like iMovie, FCP7 and Premiere Pro work well because they are more like Avid. But perhaps it’s my growing hatred for things that are sacrificing true functionality for appearances.


It seems there are some early pains yet to go through.

For professional users–who are this software’s target audience–the outcome is less clear. Already pro users are piping up on the Mac App Store, complaining about the software not opening up projects made with older versions of Final Cut Pro, or supporting numerous legacy Final Cut Pro features like multi-cam editing, and external production monitors. For production houses that use Final Cut Pro on a day to day basis, having one or more features you depend on not making the transition can be a deal-breaker.

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