Audio is one of the most important aspects of you film. Some may say it is even more important than video. Unfortunately if on a small budget you may not be able to afford for all the expensive equipment required for great sound. With that in mind, we created this list of25 DIY (“Do It Yourself”) Audio Tutorials to help stretch that budget.

As always, whenever you are dealing with electricity and heat safety always comes first. For your sake and the sake of your crew, never take on one of these projects unless you know what you are doing. Saving a few dollars is not worth causing an injury or worse.

How to Soundproof a Room : DIY Soundproofing

DIY Portable Recording Studio

DIY Sound Proofing Music Studio

DIY Spider Mounted Boom Pole

How to build a home recording studio

How to build a vocal booth on a budget

How to Create and Edit Foley Sound Effects at Home

Homemade soundboard (Door sound effects/foley)

DIY Condenser Microphone

DIY Microphone – $8 Spider Mount

DIY Microphone Pop Filter

DIY Microphone Flag

DIY Samson GoMic Stand

Make a Mic Shockmount for $1.20

The Frugal Filmmaker: DIY Boom Pole

DIY Contact Microphone

How to make a Microphone Wind Screen

A Low Cost External Microphone Solution HTDZ HT-81 Review

Radio Mics & Alternatives for Low Budget Filmmaking?

Cheap Wireless Radio Mics From eBay – any good?


Make a microphone blimp for your shotgun microphone

DIY Mike How To Make an Audio Interconnect I/C for under $10

How to Make & Repair Audio Cables : Types of Audio Cables

Mr. Microphone Hack!

Bonus Video

You Talkin' to Me?

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