It’s been close to a year since we did our 22 Filmmaking Apps round-up. At the time we had a hard time finding 22 of them… What a difference a year makes.

Not only is the iPad is revolutionizing the filmmaking world in terms of new innovative tools, but also in the way it’s leveling the playing field by performing similar functions as expensive equipment that was once out of reach for many indie filmmakers.

In this post we wanted to do more than just supply a list of film apps. While some of these videos highlight apps, we also wanted to include accessories, some you can buy today, some coming soon and others that are just concepts. We also wanted to show you innovative uses, DIY hacks and more.

We will do a large App round-up soon.

iPad On Commercial Set

iPad + Velcro

iPad Photoshoot

iPad light painting

Celtx Script

Generate Timecode

Timecode Notes

iPad Follow Focus

Canon 5D Mark II and the iPad

DSLR Slate

iMotion HD – Time-lapse and Stop-motion


ProPrompter HDi

HandStand Case

On-Set Color Correction

Noir and Movie Looks

iPad Slate

Vogel’s RingO System

iRig Mic & iKlip

Defender Backpack

Studio Suite 9

The Cube

Cineform First Light


Blackmagic Videohub

Bonus Video: USB Typewriter Demo

You Talkin' to Me?

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Tim Bradley

There is also a great App for use with your GoPro cameras. If you have the GoPro Hero 3 Black it has built in WiFi and works with the app to transmit proxy video and audio to an Ipad or Iphone. If you have an earlier model GoPro then you can add a WiFi backpac to let you do this.

I would think of shooting with my GoPro now without using the app. Also It makes changing any of the camera settings a breeze rather than using the 2 buttons on the camera.

Tim Bradley

Thanks for the list of great apps. One you might want to add to the list is XMPilot Tool from Sony. Its a great app that lets you see pictures live from you Sony PWD 700 or F800 camera on an Ipad and add metadata such as good NG etc as welll as comments, voice memos all recorded back to the XDcam disc.

Peter Johnson

You may be interested in checking out our new app, “Shotlist”- The first complete Production Stripboard system for iPhone and iPad. Use it to plan your shoots, instantly change schedules and send email updates, hold important numbers and web links for a scene, and track your progress on the day. More on

Soluble Apps

Rita Rallemos

I agree that the iPad and other technologies are helping filmmakers, but for me, I don’t think I’ll be buying one anytime soon.

Taz Goldstein

Thanks for including my videos in your post! I’m a very big fan of FilmmakerIQ, so it’s especially rewarding to see my work referenced here. smile

I also wanted to mention another video that was just posted at MacBreak Studio ( It describes how I’ve been using OmniFocus on my iPad to block actor and camera movement.

Keep up the awesome work!


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