60 After Effects Weather Tutorials

It seems every time I turn on the news some weather event is a top the headlines.   While we can not control the weather, we can attempt to reproduce it in post production.  So here are 60 Weather Tutorials for After Effects so you can play god, at least digitally.

Fluidic Designs Using Particular

Breathtakingly Awesome Rain Scene

Water Refraction

Canyon Dusk

Cloudy-Moonlit Night

Creating Fog

Severe Weather Ahead

Earth Day Animation

Snowy Transition

After Effects Snow

Snow, Rain and Weather

Christmas Snow

Brilliantly Better

Water Drops

Animate Rain Shadows

Creating an Eclipse

Creating Rain

3D Ocean

Lightning Strike

Lightning Explosion

Shine Some Light

Stormy Electric Type Reveal

3D Motion Clouds from a Still

Weather Replacement

Smoke Screen

Simulated Lighting

Earth Quake

Animating a Still

Storm Chaser

Green Smoke

Realistic Fire


Insect Swarm

Turbulent Lava

Lava Texture

Rainy Scene with Layers

Advanced Lightning


3D Crater

Sky Replacement

Landscape in Cinema 4D

Fairytale Lighting

Ocean Water


Day to Night

Faux 3D Flower Scene

Wicked Heat Wave

Day For Night Shot

Track A Massive Planet

Realistic Fog

Northern Lights

Writing With The Clouds

3D Motion Clouds from a Still

Weather Replacement

Create a Peaceful Sunset

Light Rays

Clouds Animation

Sand Dune

Environment Replacement

Weather & Time of Day Change