Some people just want to watch the world burn…. at least on film. And who can deny the awesomeness of nuclear detonation wiping out rush hour traffic on the Hollywood Freeway? To help you feed that inner instinct to kill people and break stuff at 24fps we’ve gathered together 33 3D Studio Max tutorials. At least these tuts won’t result in U.N. sanctions…. unless of course you’re Michael Bay.

Nuclear Explosion

The Civil War Cannon

Shattering Glass

Jet Chase

Assembly Disassembly

Torn Flag

Smoking Text

Logo Dispersion

Convincing Explosions

Missile Launcher

Marching Army

RPG Rocket Launcher

Hand Grenade

Weapon Creation

Exploding Glass

Bullets Scene

Explosion Tutorial

HighPoly Beretta

Particle Dispersion

Time for Bullets

Fuse Bomb

Coyote Missile

Hull Damage

F-5E Tiger


Create Fire


F16 Fighter Jet

Ironman Helmet

Military Truck

Rocket Particle Trail



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