25 Greatest Tracking Shots in Movie History

Technically many of these are long shots and not tracking shots, but if I wrote 25 Long Shots you may think I was referring to my bar tab or the 25 girls I hit on while racking up that bill.

Unfortantly many great scenes can no longer be found on the intertubes, such as the “Goodfellas” Copacabana scene. The good news is we found 25 other films where the marketing department didn’t have their heads completely up their legal asses.

Mean Streets

Children of Men

Touch of Evil

The Player

Kill Bill

Boogie Nights (no sound)

Breaking News


I Am Cuba


Old Boy

Werckmeister Harmonies

Ulysses’ Gaze

The Mirror

The Protector aka Tom yum goong

Carlito’s Way

Russian Ark


Strange Days


The Shining

Snake Eyes

Werckmeister Harmonies



UPDATE – Just remembered one of my favorites, so here is #26:

Gun Crazy