With HDSLRs being so common place, a production can easily have several of these cameras running around at any given time. With so much digital content being created, it is vitally important to maintain and back up that precious footage.

…The next step I take in the media management process is labeling cameras and assigning file numbers. Using a sharpie and electrical tape, I’ll assign each camera a letter (A, B, C… and so on). Then, on the side of each camera I will mark three pieces of tape with the camera letter as well as a number (A1, A2, A3… or B1, B2… etc.). The pieces of tape are important because as soon as a card has been shot, the operator, cinematographer or camera assistant can simply pull out the card and stick on the pre-marked label. The labels are just one-way to help organize media as well as ensure that a shot card is not accidentally formatted. Aside from labeling, you can change the file number sequence of each camera.

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