A SnorriCam (also chestcam, bodymount camera, bodycam or bodymount) is a camera device that is rigged to the body of the actor, facing the actor directly, so when he walks, he does not appear to move, but everything around him does. A SnorriCam presents a dynamic point of view from the actor’s perspective, providing an unusual sense of vertigo for the viewer.

Here is a simple SnorriCam using PVC tubes.

VIA: Tom Preska

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John Z

Great job… Just a quick note, you forgot to put the 45 degree elbows on the list…

Tom Preska

http://vimeo.com/21896040 This is version 2 a much more robust and detailed Snorri.

Tom Preska

haha yeah thanks. I guess I should have built one or two before I posted this. I didn’t expect that it would get this much play. I will update the video in a week or two with a version 2.0. This was basically a quick and dirty rig to get a snorri shot that I wanted. Stay tuned

Simon Hosick

Helpful, but he’s not really the most skilled builder

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