This is a version of a diy pocket dolly, driven by an adjustable 12V gear motor. The power comes from 8 AA rechargeable batteries, which are integrated into the controller. The dolly is pretty light and compact so that it fits in a backpack and can travel well.

VIA: Ben

There are two motors which you can replace within a minute.

1.Motor: Slow =24min / 1m(3,3ft), Fast=2min /1m(3,3ft)
2.Motor: Slow=2min / 1m(3,3ft), Fast=10sec/1m (3,3ft)

The slow motor is good for time-lapse recordings and macro slides the fast motor is good for everything else.

With the the fast motor still some problems because it transmits vibrations to the camera. The video was made solely with the slow motor. It works quite well.

The solution with the gearmotors is actually a compromise. It is better to take a stepper motor, but it is a bit more complicated.

The slot in the aluminum was made with a normal router (if you want to imitate that, please protect your eyes).

A few more detailed information:

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Duane Johnson

Very cool! I’m developing a DIY / open hardware camera slider as well (see and just researching the pocket dolly here to see if I can integrate its many good parts. I’m curious about how the camera does not see the slider itself in any of the zooming shots?


Very impressive. Very tempted to get one of these. Whats the main music track by the way?


Do you mind giving me the name of the transition used at :07 ?

John P. Hess

Just an educated guess but it looks like an additive dissolve with some pops in the color.


Really cool! I hope to get my hands on something like this.


Real cool camera effects.


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