Are You Ready to Create in 3D? Not Tomorrow. Today.

Today’s content creator must be well versed in 3D — it’s a key factor in theatrical releases and now it’s headed to screens of every size and dimension. 3D isn’t a mystery, but rather art and science fully impacting the workflow and story — from the emotional to the pragmatic. New tools, new possibilities, and new expectations are hitting the market with dizzying speed as broadcasters, game developers, feature films, education, spots, photography, and visual effects creators hurry to revolutionize pipelines to deliver 3D content, now.

Meet a panel of working creatives, technical experts and analysts who will help you get ready for the next step in your career. Learn how the process is affected from pre production through post, how the cinematographer’s creative vision is influenced, what happens in the editing room, how to work with visual effects in a 3D project, and how 3D is shaping budgets. Hear about pitfalls and insider secrets in preproduction, production and post as well the “gotchas” from real life experiences.

VIA: Createasphere

Panelists: Dimitris Athos, 3D Stereoscopic Producer, UVPHACTORY; Jan Crittenden Livingston, Product Line Business Manager for AVCCAM and 3D camcorders, Panasonic Broadcast; Christopher Crescitelli, HELLO!, 3D Creative Director; Mark L. Pederson, OFFHOLLYWOOD; Geoff Boyle, cinematographer; Robert Willox , Director of 3D Business Development, Sony; and Jerome Thelia, Colorist, Visual Effects Artist, Stereographer. Moderated by Nick Dager, IndieFilm3D and Digital Cinema Report publisher, filmmaker and journalist.