Master director/writer of such Hollywood classics as “Sunset Blvd.”, “Some Like it Hot”, “One, Two, Three”, “The Apartment” and “Double Indemnity”, Billy Wilder leads the AFI Harold Lloyd Master Seminar in 1976.

Courtesy of AFI.

Billy Wilder says that while it’s not necessary for a Director to know how to write, it is necessary for him to know how to “read”.

Wilder on how he prepares to shoot a film:

Wilder on the Pacing of a Film:

Wilder talks about shooting multiple endings for films:

Wilder talks on career paths:

Billy Wilder talks about the approach of director Ernst Lubitsch, which became widely known as “The Lubitsch Touch”

Billy Wilder talks about working with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine

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