In the world of open source filmmaking programs, nothing comes close to competing with Celtx. It is the essential all-in-one media pre-production software package that combines script writing, scheduling, storyboarding and much more all in to one software package.

It’s been well over a year since we last gathered the tutorials and since then there have been many new how-to articles and video tutorials created, so this time we doubled the list.

So now you really don’t have an excuse – download Celtx for FREE and start planning out you next film!

Celtx Support

The iPhone/iPad app for Celtx Writers

Celtx Script is the only mobile screenwriting app that syncs directly with Celtx desktop software, making it easy to write a screenplay from any place at any time.

Download the User Manual

Celtx Studio

Join the thousands of media creators world-wide using Celtx Studios to manage their Celtx projects. Securely store all your projects. Keep a backup & history of all your versions. And share projects & manage team workflow.

Download the Owner’s Manual

Celtx Add-ons

Get more creative with add-ons for your Celtx software. Customize your writing setup, add images to your sketches and setups, and get inspired by other media creators. Click the tabs below to learn more.

Celtx Motion Sketches

Built around Celtx pre-production software, Motion Sketches is an online video series that explores contemporary approaches to media production.



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If you have any other Celtx or Screenwriting questions please post them in our Discussion Groups.

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Jerry Taylor

Having been dissatisfied with the online Celtx version, and the desktop version crashing my iMac, I looked at some of the newcomers. Scenios looks interesting, Production Minds looks even better. Celtx is no longer the only all-in-one production tool out there anymore. Just sayin’.

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