This video tutorial describes how you can build a DIY DSLR cage for about $50.00.

VIA: Just Basl Productions

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con galway

Why, oh why do so many folks posting potentially useful and informative tutorials self-sabotage them with the imposition of irritating, intrusive, irrelevant and oppresive bloody background music. To say I found it a distraction is an understated unerstatement. I simply couldn’t watch this video all the way through. Would have liked to, but life is too short.


So I’m seeing this video 2 years after no comments but I’m wondering how difficult you think it’d be to add a rail system to this allowing the connection of a matte box, etc. and how did this rig do with connecting accessories and such? Your response is much appreciated!

William Graydon

That was a great video. Im wondering would it be suitable for an ex1r?


Nice build. I definitely want to try this. However, this is way more than $50. I always hate that people make these sort of build videos with a specific dollar figure and say something like “And this cheese plate I had lying around…” and act like just because they had an old one it didn’t cost anything. You aren’t going to find a cheese plate for $50.

That being said though, it is a damn good build.

Anthony Zeh

I know this is an older comment but the cheese plate shown is available at B&H for $14.95. and is made by Glidecam but is called a camera weight plate. (nice build!)


Wow. That is a brilliant design. I’ve had my DIY gloves off for too long. I’m going to have to try something like this.

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