with sponsor B&H Photo wanna give you the opportunity to both create and learn the dark world of Film Noir.  Here’s your chance to really show off your filmmaking skills by creating a short Film Noir themed video.

Update: View winners here.

To enter you must submit a Film Noir themed video 1 – 5 minutes in length. The video must include the use of “I.Q.” either via dialog, prop, effect or set design. The winners will be judged on the creativity of the short, their ability to demonstrate noir lighting style, and the creativity of the use of “I.Q..”

What is Film Noir?

In conjunction with this contest we created a feature article “Ultimate Filmmakers Guide to Film Noir.”  The guide is full of video, images, links, tutorials and more.  Everything you would ever need to recreate this amazing genera of film.

Need Help With Your Video?

IQ is all about helping filmmakers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek help from our large group of professional members. Need a crew? IQ is the perfect place to network and make friends. We setup a special Group for all your Film Noir questions and support. We want everyone to create the best video possible, and we are here to help in every stage from script to screen!


We are happy to have our trusted sponsor B&H Photo supply our grand prize. We don’t recommend B&H because they our are sponsor, they are our sponsor because they are the only store we would ever recommend.

First Prize

The first place winner will receive a Impact Qualite 300 Focusing Flood 2 Light Kit from B&H, an Official embroidered fleece jacket and cap.

Second Prize.

The second place winner will receive a Official embroidered fleece jacket and cap.

Third Prize.

The third place winner will receive a Official embroidered baseball cap.

In addition every member that enters will receive 500 IQ Points added to their account.

How To Enter

  • Create your video following the listed requirements and upload it to YouTube.
  • Fill out and submit the online entry form below.
  • Make sure you post your video to the Film Noir Contest Group in a new topic with the title of your video. Videos not posted to the group will not be eligible to win.
    (To post a new topic in a Group Discussion, click the “New Topic” button on either the Group Discussions Directory or Group’s main Discussion Page. You may need to join the Group before you can post a message.)

Video Requirements

  • Video must be 1 to 5 minutes in length.
  • Video must include the letters “I.Q.” either via dialog, prop, effect or set design.
  • Avoid violating copyright laws or using brand names or logos other than’s in your video. You agree to indemnify for any claim, demand, judgment, or other allegation arising from your possible violation of someone’s trademark, copyright, or other legally protected interest in any way in your video.
  • Your video must be original content for this contest. Do not submit a video that has been submitted elsewhere.
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and must be able to be embedded.
  • Obtain release forms for all of the people featured in your video. You must provide the with the forms if requested.
  • Be able to provide with an original video file if you win.
  • Videos that are submitted without an entry form will not be judged.
  • There is no limit on the number of videos someone may submit.

The Deadline

The Film Noir  video contest runs from July 29th, 2010 to 11:59 p.m. EST on September 23rd, 2010 asking members to submit short videos in the Film Noir style.

Winners Selection

After the contest closes, videos will be judged to see if they comply with the requirements of the contest. Those videos that do not comply will be disqualified. All other videos will advance where the videos will be rated by judges from based on message, accuracy, appropriateness of theme, creativity, and entertainment value. The winners will be selected and notified by email on or about September 26th, 2010.

The winning videos will be posted on


For questions, please contact us.

Submission Form:

Deadline has expired.

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Chris & Gita
Chris & Gita

till the last minute


I am new film maker… i hope to do my best with this!

Raj Gurjar

Hey this is the grate opportunity for short film makers. i will join us.


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