In this video Jim Emerson demonstrates how removing one cut from a falling sequence in The Dark Knight helps the overall scene.

VIA: Jim Emerson

You Talkin' to Me?

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winter maza

the more i read, the more it reminds of this joke…….How many Directors does it take to change a light bulb? one and 99 million talking about how they would have done it different.
the picture’s fine, he broke rules, better….and more importantly……I wish i had been paid his salary to make those same judgements

hans gruber

yep, you need the cab driver to get some more tension into the scene. maybe it also makes it a little bit funny but all in all its more spectacular. without it , it would be a boring 90s

Marcus Williams

I agree John, the cab made the audience wonder will he be hurt because he doesn’t know whats about to happen? But I like cutting out some of the extra takes


Yeah, the shot of the cabbie creates a couple seconds of “Wtf? Why am I looking at this cabbie? Did the editor eff up? Oh wait! That dude is under them! Cabbie noooooooo!!! Oh…you’re ok. Whew!”


I agree with John. I think that the cab driver should have stayed.


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